Sogno nel cassetto: On Faith and Travelling



For years it has been my “sogno nel cassetto” (dream in a drawer to speak idiomatically to visit the country of Italy. And about a days worth of gruelling travel I finally made it. Here I sit, in Rome, Italy the most beautiful and spectacular city I have ever seen typing on a little weird keyboard that forces you to hold down Ctrl+Alt if you want to make the  “@” symbol. Rome is amazing, its completely foreign to me but it feels like home, like I’ve belonged here all along, and that getting here was coming to an old familiar place.

Even though I’ve been here less than a day I can tell you that coming to Rome has done wonders for my faith. The entire stressful process of getting here took some real stretching on my part. I believe in God, not a god, the God, God the Father who is intimately involved in all of our lives whether we realize it or not. And when I was down and out, when I was stressed and wondering how I was going to pay for things, if I would have the things I needed, if this trip was really going to happen I had to walk the walk of what I always talked of and trust that if God willed it then He would provide for me in his perfect timing. Sounds weird, I know, praying to this invisible God you can’t see, hoping that He hears your prayers, wondering if that little tiny voice you hear is divine inspiration or just evidence of your lack of sanity, but its all very real. In fact coming to Rome was kind of liked meeting God face to face. I did’t have to come to Rome to be confinced of its magnificence, I knew it was great before I even got here. But upon seeing it I can now say that its beauty far exceeds anything I could have ever imagine. Its an honor just to be here.

I feel like none of this makes sense (could be the jet lag talking) but nevertheless I needed to write it. I’ll be chronicling my adventures here so stay tuned. Grazie


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