If I could write a letter to the women of the world,

I’d tell them be an enigma, let people fall in love with the mystery of you, your Mona Lisa smile a maze in which we gladly wander 

Be moonlight, the soft beacon by which lovers leave footprints in the sands of beaches yet strong enough to push and pull the tides

Let men retreat into your veil when they are weary and gaze into the constellations you call eyes, irises libel to capture the soul of a man and transport it to another place, like the black holes that warp time and space

Be the air we breath, bring a moments clarity, bring life to heart and caress us with the breeze, encapsulate the moments that bring us to our knees, your gentleness makes life livable and your harshness takes it away

Be a calloused hand but a warm embrace, showing much wear from love’s labors, yet still open

Be laugh lines and crows feet, bear the scars of a life lived proudly, show the marks of the joy you created and the stories you authored

And when you’re gone we’ll bask in the warmth of who you were like good friends at a campfire 


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