28 Reasons


You can get offended if you want but the truth is this isn’t really a video about feeling sorry for black people so much as it is about how instead of celebrating the contributions that black people have made in this country’s history the hard work of a lot people is reduced to an undue focus on their victimization.


4 thoughts on “28 Reasons

      • When you’re creating a post, there’s two windows I guess you could use — the quick one, in which case there’s a line for tags under it. And then there’s the other one, which would have a template for tags off to the right side. For either of them, you just want one to two word tags, separated by commas. Think of them as the subjects that people follow:

        music, race, pop culture, fashion, humor, etc.

        And, depending on which window you’re using, you might have to click something to add them to the post, but that will put them in the feeds for that tag — and during the time of its publication more people will, if not read it exactly, at least glance at it. You can add a lot of tags, but generally keeping it to not more than ten (because how many subjects can a post really delve into) would be okay. Of course, you can just go with a few that really key into what your post is generally about. Obviously some tags are more popular than others. If you go to your reader at wordpress.com, and then go to where it says tags and click explore, you’ll see most of the popular ones. The bigger it is, the more people are reading it.

        Depending on the words in your post, sometimes they’ll go into some generalized tag, anyway — just not as efficiently as if you did it yourself.

        Oh, and once you post, in the window that comes up after that, it usually suggests tags you could add to your post.

        I hope that helps.

  1. Gah, I’m an idiot. You do tag your posts. It’s just hard to tell from the reader. Anyway, you actually do tag pretty well. Maybe you should just go with a few more broader tags, including culture — which most of your posts dissect to some degree.

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